Agronomic center

What is the agronomic centre at Qualisol

The agronomic centre is the basis of Qualisol’s recognised technical expertise, both in the field of crops, specialist products and animal fodder.

This technical skills centre organises and deploys the experiments, field demonstrations, offers advice and technical referencing of the products.

It manages the 7 consulting technicians who provide a personalised monitoring in field crops, arboriculture and viticulture.

It leads the research into innovations and develops DAT (Decision Aid Tools) that process the data collected automatically on the farm.

It initiates the various environmental steps in which Qualisol takes part: DEPHY Farms network, CAS-DAR, FUI-Viti 2.0, GIEE, PEI/PAQT.

Qualisol was the first French cooperative to engage in a M.A.E.T. (Territorialised Agro-Environmental Measure) initiative.

Qualisol is certified BPE (Good Experimental Practices) in arboriculture and viticulture.

High Environmental Valu

An official recognition of the environmental performance of farms.

It is accessible for all types of farms regardless of their production and size. The certification has 3 levels whose requirements are based around four themes:

  • Biodiversity
  • The phytosanitary strategy
  • Fertilisation management
  • Irrigation management

What are the advantages?

  • Highlight the practices of the farmers of the territory
  • Access new markets or new production

Our mission

QUALISOL accompanies you throughout the process. By integrating the collective approach for certification HVE Qualisol, you will benefit from:

  • A diagnosis of your operation
  • A personalised and individual follow-up by our specialised technicians
  • Handling of the administrative part of the certification
  • Our mission is to enable you to obtain and maintain your HVE certification.

Are you interested?

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