Conventional and organic collection

Common wheat, durum wheat, quality wheat, maize, food grade and birdfeed sunflowers, barley, sorghum, rapeseed, peas, horse beans, triticale, chickpeas, lentils … Each year, the volumes collected represent around 200,000 tons.

QUALISOL’s facilities are equipped to store the production in the best conditions: sorting, ventilation, thermometric control, drying, traceability, etc.

All these steps rigorously carried out by our teams, are essential in order to guarantee the best conservation and the best sanitary condition of the harvests. They therefore meet the quality criteria required by our clients and are best optimised for the farmers


Organic collection

Also in this sector, QUALISOL has the means to collect all types of production: Common wheat, soya, linseed, spelt, maize, sorghum, sunflowers, peas, horse beans, lentils, beans…

The organic side of QUALISOL started in 2001 thanks to the cells made available on the Beaumont-de-Lomagne site.  At the beginning it pertained to 30 farmers for 3000 tons of harvest collection. In 2004, a silo specifically dedicated to organic production was built in Monfort (32) with a storage capacity of 9000 tons.

In 2013, the construction of a new organic silo at Monfort increased the storage capacity of the site to a total volume of 33,000 tons. It is one of the largest European organic storage silos.

Today, nearly 500 farmers are involved, with more than 25,000 tons collected in 2017 and nearly 30,000 in 2019.